No More Water, The Fire Next Time    2020

The Land Of Myth: Cire    2020

The Land Of Myth: Cabrini Green Dream Machine    2020

For Whom The Bell Tolls    2018

Z    2017

The Land Of Myth: Oklahoma    2018

The Land Of    2017

The Dope Effect: Reagan 88    2015

This Is Not A Test    2013

Le Spectacle no.3    2014

Powerline    2015

The Dope Effect: Show Me A Hero    2016

Le Spectacle no.3     2013

The Dope Effect: Show Me A Hero no.2    2016

Girl With The Red Poppy In Her Hair    2012

Bulls Eye    2012

They Know    2015

The Dope Effect: War On

White Noise    2013

Depending On Where You Stand    2015

I Just Look Like This    2014

Le Spectacle no.2    2013

Weaver    2014

Pinocchio Knows    2012

Misunderstood    2011

1956 Time Traveler    2008


The after effects of a collision between fantasy and reality, is how I envision my work. Some pieces expose the frenzy and momentum of a dream, others the pain of stillness. Within the work, I merge paint and photography to harmonize the dichotomies of reality and fantasy, using photography to roughly display the former and painting to show the latter. Through a fantastic lens; the aim is to capture an allegory of psychological effects on society due to the implementation of propaganda via mass media, economic, and political structures. I primarily focus on the individual and their personal conflicts within these structures. A viewer encounters a subject on the verge of something and is left to imagine their fate. Through the manipulation of light and depth and movement, the energy of the human psyche becomes the narrative. 




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